2016 Year 6 Leadership Presentations

Visiting the 3/4 Learning Expo was impressive but the current Year 5s were not to be overshadowed, as they presented their 2016 leadership speeches on Friday to fellow Year 3-6 students and staff. The quality of the presentations and the preparations that had gone in to preparing their short pieces was an advertisement for our school and the ways in which we work with students to create people who are confident, considerate of others and prepared to take a risk. Well done to all the Year 5/6 staff who work with these students day in and day out for getting them to understand the complexities of the roles and how they can demonstrate they are a suitable candidate.

There are some very difficult decisions to make once the student voting has been tallied and all staff have had an opportunity to offer their insights in to who will make an admirable representative of our school and students.

Well done to everyone who was brave enough to put their hand up and consider taking on these important roles.