Last Friday we celebrated the announcement and badge presentation of our 2016 School Captains, Vice Captains and House Captains. The quality of speeches that the students gave in self -nominating for their positions was remarkable and they showed insight in to what leadership means and represents and also were able to articulate why they felt they would be a suitable candidate.

Thank you to all of the students who volunteered themselves for these positions, we had speeches from as far away as a returning student from Canada!

Congratulations to the following students who will help lead our school in an official capacity next year.

We have our smallest cohort in the school entering Year 6 next year and so this has meant that in some cases there was a limitation to the number of suitable applicants.


2016 School Leaders

School Captains                                                                School Vice Captains

Julia C                                                                                    Emma S

Blake E                                                                                  Nathan VV


Blue House Captains                      Gold House Captains                     Red House Captains                       Green House Captains

Courtney W                                        Amy H                                                   Sam F                                                    Jade K

Kira M                                                   Byron M                                               Emma L                                                                Rory H