After final rounds of interviewing and appointing staff late last week, I can now confirm our staffing profile for 2016. We welcome a number of new staff as we continue to grow in size and they come with experience and expertise that will benefit our school, community and most importantly students.


Principal (Term 1 at this stage) Cory Pearce
Assistant principal (Term 1 at this stage) Jo Stevens
Prep Julianne Wilson
Prep Libby Flanagan
Prep Becky Locking
Year 1/2 Lisa Maxwell
Year 1/2 Mirren Alenson
Year 1/2 Chloe Brown
Year 1/2 Jacqui Hutchinson
Year 1/2 Lauren Iverach
Year 1/2 (Term 1 at this stage) Claire Keltie
Year 3/4 Claudia O’Neill
Year 3/4 Drew Meede
Year 3/4 Anita Sutherland
Year 3/4 Jess Cichowitz
Year 5/6 Bianca Davies
Year 5/6 Stephanie Fellows
Year 5/6 Matt Sutherland
Year 5/6 Caroline Meier
Maths Program Review and Improvement Kerryn Leister
Music Louise Strauch
Art Donna Krenn
LOTE / Enviro Marian Collins
LOTE Options / Autobahn / Student Data Priscilla Salter
PE Lara Atkinson
Dance Academy Sue-Ellen Shook
Literacy Intervention Glenda Beard
Reading Recovery Wendy Barr
Business Manager Lee-Ann O’Brien
Office Julia Smith
Office and First Aid Nicola Mackey
Education Support (Integration) Jo Doherty
Education Support (Integration) Jenni Kahsnitz
Education Support (Integration) Leonie Chuter
Education Support (Integration) Pip Allen
Education Support (Integration) Lynne D’Eramo
Education Support (Integration) Jill Wilson
Education Support (Integration) Chris Seymour
Education Support (Integration) Sharon Connolly
Education Support (Integration) Stephanie Rodgers
Education Support (Integration) Tania Marshall
Education Support (Integration) Julie Dowell
Education Support (Library) Belinda Gillie Kemmer

Thank you to the staff who have worked at our school in 2015 who will not be returning next year. Each of them has made a positive impact on the lives and learning of our students and we wish them well in their future careers. Thank you to Tamara, Megan, Faith and Viv.

Thank you also to Donna who will be returning to her Art teaching position in 2016 after stepping in to a classroom at the last minute to replace a staff member who left in the last week of school last year.

Lauren Donker will continue here for the month of February before going on Family Leave to have her baby.

A number of positions have been flagged as ‘Term 1 at this stage’ and this is due to the ongoing situation related to Stuart’s secondment to the Department. I have been assured this will be resolved in Term 1 next year and I will update you as soon as I can with details.

You may also note that we have defined and created positions to address areas raised through our School Review in 2015 so that we can continue to offer and improve the educational experiences of our students. Priscilla Salter will be taking on an increased student data tracking role and we welcome Kerryn Leister in a role to help examine and continue to improve our Maths programs across the school.

I am extremely happy with what we have been able to plan for next year given the limited bucket of money that schools are allocated each year by the government. The contributions which families make enable all these staffing and program decisions to ‘come alive’ for the benefit of each of students and families. Thank you to those families that have already sorted them out for the 2016 school year.