Each week our classes are lucky enough to have a fruit bowl of yummy food. Parents help distribute the fruit each Monday morning. We would love to see some more parents here at drop off to help divide the fruit up and distribute to classes. If you have the odd 10...


Our GNPA comedy night is coming up. We are looking forward to the night and hope to see you there. Congratulations to our workers who have created such a great event. See you there.


3/4 Camp is coming up on Monday 27th August. Half the students will attend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and half on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The crossover day on Wednesday is a great opportunity for students to be a whole group. This year we are going to...


Congratulations to all our parents who are taking on board the Compass program. If you need some support in managing this, please see someone in the office to answer your queries.


Our planning is well underway for 2019. If you have a prep, or know of families for 2019, please ensure you see the office for an enrolment form as soon as possible. A Transition Program will be held in fourth term in readiness for 2019. Advanced notice of dates has...