Next year our grade structure will remain the same as this year. We will have:

2 X Prep

1 X Prep/1

5 X 1/2

5 X 3/4

4 X 5/6 classes

Music – Mrs Strauch                        PE and 5/6 Science – Lara Atkinson

Art – Ilona Bennett                          Japanese P-4 – Marian Collins


Our staff prep team will be Josh Chamberlain, Jess Cichowicz and Libby Flanagan. Becky Locking has received a very prestigious promotion to Literacy Learning Specialist at Park Ridge Primary School. We are very proud of her achievements and whilst we are very sad to see Becky move on to the next stage of her career, we will miss her very much and we wish her all the best. We will be confirming other staffing before the transition session on December 7th.