Next year our grade structure will remain the same as this year. We will have :

2 X Prep               Josh Chamberlain, Libby Flanagan

1X Prep/1          Jess Cichowicz,

5 X 1/2               Hannah DiFalco, Louiza Gonzales, Claire Keltie, Georgia O’Brien, Alyssa Roubicek

5 X 3/4               Alana Aiello, Lina Kabris, Robyn Scanlon, Nicole Snelleskz, Ben Robinson

4 X 5/6 classes Chloe Brown, Daniel Fielding, Lauren Iverach, Matt Sutherland

Music – Louise Strauch                                  PE P-6 and 5/6 Science – Lara Atkinson

Art – Ilona Bennett                                         Japanese P-4 – Marian Collins

Intervention – Glenda Beard and Wendy Barr

Education support staff – Steph Rodgers, Tania Marshall, Naomi Roach, Lynne D’Eramo, Jo Doherty, Pip Allen, Jenni Kashnitz

Julianne Wilson will be taking a year’s leave to explore some travel options. We look forward to hearing of her travels. Sam D’Argenio and Pauline Molenaar will be moving on to try some new things. Tamara Zebisch is teaching prep at Milgate PS in Doncaster. This is a great opportunity for her to further develop her skills. Becky Locking is moving to Park Ridge as their new literacy Learning Specialist. Chris Seymour is retiring and whilst we will miss her skills and great strengths here, she is moving on to the next exciting part of her life. We wish all these staff good luck.


On Friday all our class teachers, with the exception of Robyn Scanlon, will be here to go through our transition session with their new students. Robyn is unfortunately ill and unable to return until the new year.