CAFÉ Reading

The focus of our instructional model for teaching reading is that there is more to being able to read than simply decoding words and making sense of the symbols.

Our whole school reading model focusses on creating strategic readers under the acronym of CAFÉ.

C – Comprehension
The purpose of reading is to make sense of a message that someone else is trying to give you through written text. The focus here graduates developmentally from literal understanding to implied meaning as students move through our school and they are confronted with a range of author styles and intentions. Being able to accurately decode individual words does not necessarily guarantee access to the meaning of the words in combination.

A – Accuracy
It is very difficult to truly comprehend the meaning of the author without being able to decode and confidently read the individual words that are on the page. This focus area is on being able to accurately interpret the letter symbols and combinations that are on the page to enable you to access the meaning.

F – Fluency
Being able to read words in a manner that represents the way they were written increases access to the message from the author and so fluency and attention to language conventions plays a vital role in reading.

E – Expanding Vocab
Words have been purposefully chosen by an author to convey their intended meaning and so by expanding your vocabulary you will more deeply understand the message.

These focus areas and the strategies for improving in each area are consistent across our school and students work through a developmental progression in each area at a level that is appropriate for them; independently, through individual conferencing with staff and in small groups.

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