Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people is our highest priority. We know that our school is a safe place for our children and that Ferntree Gully North PS staff, School Council, and our community work hard to protect all students from abuse and neglect. The Department of Education (DET), together with the Victorian Registrations Qualifications Authority (VRQA) published new Child Safe Standards at the start of this year.  These standards are the result of recommendations from the final report of the Victorian Parliament’s Betrayal of Trust inquiry. These Standards were introduced through Ministerial Order 870 and build on the existing processes and commitment to student safety in schools.  On 1 September 2016 all schools received a request from the VRQA to undertake an online self-assessment and make a declaration about the extent to which they meet the new Standards. Schools then have until 28 September 2016 to respond to the VRQA, unless an extension has been sought. All schools are required to be fully compliant by the end of the 2016 school year. We have developed a further range of policies to comply with these standards on top of the existing policies. At this stage we are partially compliant and will be passing the remaining policies at our October School Council meeting. Once ratified these policies will be available on our website and will be published in the school newsletter.


We have a number of policies in the school that support compliance covering the following areas:


·         Student Engagement and Inclusion including Bullying and Harassment

·         Duty of Care

·         Critical incident

·         Mandatory reporting

·         Working with Children Check

·         Volunteers

·         Photography and Filming

·         eLearning

·         Concerns and Complaints

·         On site supervision of students

·         Camps

·         External providers

·         Professional Learning

·         Privacy

·         Communications Procedures and Schedule