Hello, my name is Marita Knutsen. I am the School Council Community Liaison Officer. As my title suggests I liaise with the school community and the School Council. If you have a query, suggestion or comment I will present it for you at School Council. Community members are welcome at our meetings but we do understand not everyone has time to do so.

 The role of our School Council is to assist in the governance of the school. Our School Council has three subcommittees. This is a very brief overview of what they do.

  • Finance – The Finance Committee present the recommended budget to School Council for approval and adoption. They also regularly monitor and report to council on progress against the budget.
  • Education and Planning – The Education and Planning Committee maintain educational policies such as camps, excursions and student welfare.
  • Buildings and Grounds – Buildings and Grounds organise working bees and maintain the schools appearance.

For information on School Councils and subcommittees, go to education.vic.gov.au.

 If you would like to submit anything to School Council I can be contacted via the tiqbiz app. Go to Contact, submit your message and in the drop down box for ‘Who is this message for?’ Select Community Liaison Officer. I will bring your submission to the next School Council Meeting and you will be contacted by the appropriate person soon after.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Marita Knutsen