Cross country

We had nine students competing yesterday at the Regional Cross country. They were Sean S, Aria W D, Scarlett H, Finn H, Jack P, Ryan M, Jake F, Hayden D and Tyler F. Congratulations and results to come.

Last week’s results were:

Jack N 28th                         Sean S 8th                             Kadyn A 17th

Ruby W DNR                      Molly K 16th                             Chloe C 24th

Bonnie D 25th                     Jake F 9th                              Hayden D 10th

Tyler F 12th                          Josh B 26th                           Jerome B 33rd

Finn H 2nd                             Jack P 10th                            Ryan M 11th

Kye T 13th                             Douglas S 16th                    Joel S 28th

Charlie L 19th                      Zali T 21st                              Lucy P 27th

Gabrielle S 32nd                  Aria W D 6th                        Scarlett H 9th

Madelyn C 20th                  Alex Van H 18th                  Taya P 23rd