Our Play is the Way Program provides us with a pro-social approach to building capacity in our students to help them be successful in life. When we play our games they are created so that the games never quite work out perfectly. This is to provide opportunities to learn new skills.

Outside play at school is a bit the same. Sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as we might like and we use these moments as teaching opportunities. Recently we have had some students forgetting some of our Play is the Way virtues during cubby play. In order to address some of the concerns raised by students, teachers in the junior school have introduced a system to help students build their skills to make cubby building more successful at both breaks. The work teachers are doing with students has supported them so well that the middle school staff are working towards using these ideas with 3/4 students. We have seen improvements in student interaction since the support of teachers working with students.

Some of our junior students have reflected on cubby building training and have reported the following:

“It helps you to know what’s wrong and what’s not wrong. You learn safety which is good because sticks can hurt you and to be sensible.”

 “I like cubby training because no one gets hurt any more with sticks.”

 “I loved cubby training and now I know how to be safe with sticks.”

“We can trust people to be safe with sticks. We learnt how to be safe with sticks.