Behaviour Education & Wellbeing


Play Is the Way

We have been working with Wilson McCaskill on the implementation of the Play Is the Way program and this has enhanced our behaviour education and teaching about productive and respectful relationships.

The program is based around a set of core philosophies which are explicitly taught and reinforced through game play of a set of games that are purposefully flawed to create the opportunities for these conversations and for real context. These games are strategically worked through by our staff in a designated time four days a week.

To read more about the Play Is the Way program and Wilson’s work please click here.

Community Culture

Our strong community environment is built upon a connection between our formal teaching and learning and the real world. Parent involvement in our school is welcome in whatever capacity it can be provided by families and we run parent information sessions and courses to help parents support the learning experiences of their children beyond the school day.

Over the past few years we have had a number of first time school parents join our community. This can be a daunting experience for parents as well as their children. Parent groups have formed to introduce and engage these new community members through non confronting activities such as a Parent’s Garden Club, the group of parents who coordinate our canteen, parents who cut and distribute fruit to classrooms each week and also formally through the Gully North Parents Association (GNPA).


Support for Families

We view and recognise our school as an important part of the Ferntree Gully Community. We pride ourselves on being approachable and both reactive but also proactive, depending on the needs of the situation. We promote connection with community services in the local area that parents are sometimes unaware of, and work alongside them to achieve the best outcomes for our students and families.

The classroom teacher is always the first port of call for parents so they can give you the most up to date information, feedback and reassurance.  We use the restorative processes from our Play is the Way program to address areas of difficulty on a case by case basis and of course additional assistance is organised when required.  The leadership team is always available to help when required.