Well done to all on a great term.  Students have worked incredibly hard with good results.  Our review is completed and we are now making plans to build our School Strategic Plan for the coming four years.  All our events this term have been very successful.  Next term will again be busy so make sure you put your dates from the newsletter into your calendar.  There will be a newsletter for each team in the second week that will outline special things in each area.  Don’t forget our Curriculum Day  is Monday 4th November (day before Cup Day).  This is a pupil free day. Staff will be working together on reading and preparation for 2020.

Keep Monday 2nd December free for our End of Year Celebration.  Have a wonderful holiday together and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 7th October

 End of term assembly will be at 2pm on Friday 20th September with dismissal at 2.30pm.