Over the weekend a fall rail has been installed around the decking outside the 3/4 classrooms. Building regulations had meant that a railing was not required as it was not above 90cm off the ground. All that was required was the kick rail at the bottom for vision impaired safety when using a cane so that they did not walk off the end.
Check out the following link to a Dateline (SBS) segment on Danish outdoor kindergartens which details some of the reasons why I was reluctant to add the railing when it wasn’t required. Schools are full of context to teach children about the world and trusting in their judgement and self-determination, allowing them to learn to make better decisions about danger and how to minimise it.

I apologise that I have removed one of those opportunities for learning by adding the fall rail to a 50cm drop.

Forest Kindergartens – https://www.sbs.com.au/news/dateline/story/kids-gone-wild