Family Information Night and Reporting Process

In 2016 we will be continuing with the reporting process we have implemented over the last few years. Each element of the process is designed to reinforce that learning is a continual process and is connected from year to year and follows a clear path of development that is aligned by expected milestones. As a reminder and for families new to our community, our Reporting to Parents process includes:

 An Information Book sent home to families at the beginning of the year which details some of the administrative processes for each particular year level and outlines the core academic priorities and expectations. This will be coming home on THURSDAY THIS WEEK.

A whole school Information Night where all members of the 2016 teaching team are introduced so as to put a face to the names you may hear your children talking about. The Specialist teachers will outline how their program develops across the school and the major focus at each year level. Following this short time all together, class teachers return to their classrooms so that families can visit their child’s classrooms and meet their teacher. At this time, Sign Up sheets for individual Student Parent Teacher Conferences will be available to families to allow them to select a suitable time. This is planned for Wednesday February 17th from 5.30 – 6.30pm.

Interim Reports and Confirmation of SPT Conference Times will be sent home after about 4 weeks of school. These are designed to give parents a chance to see how students have settled and flag any areas that have stood out as requiring attention. These are brief snapshot summaries designed to open the door to communication and facilitate the upcoming Goal Setting Conference. These Interim Reports will come home on Thursday February 25th.

On Thursday March 3rd, we will hold our first round of Student Parent Teacher Conferences, where every student attends with their parent to set Learning Goals in the major areas which will impact on their growth and achievement during the first half of the year. The outcome of these meetings is two specific and measurable Learning Goals that will be reported on as part of the Mid-Year Report at the beginning of Term 3.

 At the end of the first week in Term 3 our formal Mid-Year Reports and Student Learning Portfolios are sent home. We want these to be a true reflection of the learning that has occurred in the first half of the year and so do not send them home before the holidays as that requires them to be written in May. The formal report contains comment about the achievement of the Learning goals that were set at the beginning of the year. Assessment Portfolios are sent home for every student which provide examples to support the summative comments and assessment grades completed by the teacher.

 In the week of Term 3, after these are sent home, we hold another formal Student Parent Teacher Conference to discuss the documentation and make plans for the second half of the year, setting new Student Learning Goals as the major area of priority.

 End of Year Reports are completed at the end of the year to summarise learning and address the attainment of the Learning Goals. Recommendations for future learning are internally forwarded to 2017 teachers so that they start the year as seamlessly as possible.

Over the last few years we have put this process in place to increase the quality of our communications with families and students. The two Student Parent Teacher Conference days operate on a different timetable and students do not attend school during normal school hours and only attend to participate in the SPT Conference with their parent. The first of these days for 2016 is marked as Thursday March 3rd and conferences will be conducted between 12 and 8pm to allow all families to participate. Students do not attend school for normal classes on this day.