Fire Plans and Emergency Management

Last year I was taken on a tour of the local area by a CFA representative and member of the school community, Graham. Our tour concentrated on the ‘hills side’ of Forest Road where the landscape moves very quickly from suburban streets to dense bushland. I observed the narrowness of the streets and the difficulties that may be faced during an emergency when many people may be attempting to flee at once. Thankyou for the work that Graham and the CFA Captain Seamus Smith do in and for our local community.

Parents please be assured that in the case of a fire or emergency in the local area we will continue to ensure your children are safe. We have clearly identified Emergency Management Plans to ensure all of our staff and students are safe and cared for until such time that they can be collected by a parent or guardian.

Last week in the media, you may have noted a number of schools activated their Emergency management Plans in response to a threat made to the school. We regularly have practice drills to ensure we are planned for such situations and will be having one this week with all students so they are aware of arrangements in their new classrooms.