Computers are a part of young people’s lives in a way that they have never been before and so we treat them in a similar way at school. ICT availability in our classrooms is designed to reflect the range of products they may come in to contact with in the outside world and so students receive exposure to both Apple and PC products.

ICT is viewed as a tool to assist students and so quite consciously we do not have a one to one program with any product at any stage across our school.

In all classrooms students have access to iPads which are linked through an Apple TV to a 55 inch TV which acts as a shared communication display tool.

Preps have the iPads only, and use them as a tool to encourage talking and oral language development which is precursor to formal reading and writing literacy skill development.

Our Year 1/2 students, in addition to the iPads have access to formal fixed PCs so that can continue to develop fine motor skills through keyboarding and learn about file storage and network access.

Our Year 3/4 students, in addition to the iPads have access to a limited number of fixed PCs for those students still requiring this kind of work and also access to class sets of Netbooks.

Our Year 5/6 students, in addition to the iPads, use Netbooks in preparation for Secondary School to maximise their personalised learning.

Students speak with their teachers to consciously describe how the use of a product is necessary or will benefit their learning.

Parents are not required to purchase a product for their child to use at school, although it is helpful for them to have access to one at home to continue to refine and develop their skills.