Intervention Programs

Beyond the classroom teacher and classroom program, we offer a range of Intervention Programs to assist students at their point of need. Based on their individual needs, input from teachers and parents and in consideration of their personal stage of development, students are carefully matched to the program that best suits them and has the highest likelihood of success and progress.

There are a range of options which we offer and consider in recommending what is best for students and at what time in their schooling is appropriate for them; including individual programs (such as Reading Recovery and Speech Programs), programs run in pairs (such as Quicksmart Literacy and Numeracy), small group programs (such as Levelled Literacy Intervention and the Secret Agents Society program) and medium sized group programs (such as The Autobahn Program).

We work hard to build these programs and opportunities in to our school at no cost to parents. At times we aim for those students who are deemed as not the most at need, to instead allow them extra time with the classroom teacher. We have high expectations for growth and achievement in all our students and therefore offer as much as we can to enable us to target each of them individually both within the classroom and beyond.