At the last two Assemblies, I have had the pleasure of presenting our 2016 Junior School Council members with their badges in front of the community and their parents.  Junior School Council formalises a voice for students in our school to be able to have input into school decision making and processes.  Each year they do a great job supporting local and international charity causes through the coordination of events.

Our School Captains lead our Junior School Council, assisted by a staff member (Jess Cichowicz in 2016).

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected by their classmates to represent their grade.
School Captains:  Blake and Julia
3/4C:  Ben and Bailey
3/4M:  Meaghan and Aleisha
3/4O:  Tommy and Aria
3/4S:  Sebastian and Isabelle
5/6D:  Josh and Zoe
5/6F:  Zoe and Mark
5/6M:  Tanisha and Jonathan
5/6S:  Cloe and Dallas

Well done to all these students for stepping up into leadership roles.
You will hear from them regularly at Assembly.