From the beginning of term 3, schools will be required to contact parents as soon as practicable after 9am, if a student has an unexplained absence. Parents will be required to notify us on the day with an explanation for the absence (eg illness). We have begun tracking unexplained absences and each day we have a large number of absences. Please notify the office as soon as possible so that we can make sure all students are safe on a daily basis. There will be more information coming regarding how we may administer this new requirement, however it is a good habit to get into to monitor these absences now. Regular attendance is vital to building your child’s success. In the past we have followed the program, ‘It’s not okay to be away.’ Whilst this, is a catchy slogan research, indicates the importance of prompt attendance. If you are having difficulties with this please talk to your classroom teacher to discuss some strategies that may be of assistance.