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Principal’s Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to view our school website and find out more about the learning community of Ferntree Gully North Primary School. We strive to help parents create inquisitive, self-motivated, self-determining, self-monitoring and reflective young people who have well developed skills in literacy, numeracy and interpersonal awareness; allowing their future to be as open as it can be.  Seizing opportunities takes courage, in yourself and in your abilities, and our work with students and families helps instil this courage and confidence.

Explore our website and see the ways we work and the opportunities that we provide our students and community in pursuit of offering a connection for every student.

We aim to create lifelong learners who can meet the challenges of the future with confidence and are effective community members within Ferntree Gully and beyond.

Thank you again for visiting our school website. If you would like to contact us please feel welcome.

Sue Dean

Learning & Teaching

How we view Student Learning

We aim to work alongside families and provide a broad curriculum that focuses on literacy and numeracy skill development. As a Department Of Education and Training school we follow the Victorian Curriculum to maximize the opportunities for all students to give them a future that can be as open as possible.

We operate from a Constructivist view of student learning which promotes that all new learning builds upon previous knowledge and understandings. We encourage and utilise children’s experiences as a context for learning and, for retaining and reinforcing new knowledge, skills and strategies.


School Council

Ferntree Gully North Primary School Council

School Councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Participating as a School Council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The School Council supports the Principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.

Functions of a school council

The functions of a school council are outlined in the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and include:

  • establishing the broad direction and vision of the school within the school’s community
  • participating in the development and monitoring of the School Strategic Plan
  • approving the annual budget and monitoring expenditure
  • developing, reviewing and updating school policies
  • raising funds for school-related purposes
  • maintaining the school’s grounds and facilities
  • entering into contracts (such as for cleaning or construction work)
  • reporting annually to the school community and to the Department
  • creating interest in the school in the wider community
  • informing itself of and taking into account the views of the community
  • regulating and facilitating the after hours use of school premises and grounds
  • operating a children’s service at the school or other premises controlled by the Minister.

Role of our school council

The role of our School Council is to assist in the governance of the school. Our School Council has three subcommittees. This is a very brief overview of what they do.

  • Finance – The Finance Committee present the recommended budget to School Council for approval and adoption. They also regularly monitor and report to council on progress against the budget.
  • Education and Planning – The Education and Planning Committee maintain educational policies such as camps, excursions and student welfare.
  • Buildings and Grounds – Buildings and Grounds organise working bees and maintain the schools appearance.

For information on School Councils and subcommittees go to eduction.vic.gov.au.

If you would like to attend it is a good idea to contact Principal, Sue Dean, and let her know you are coming. Occasionally there are times when meetings are closed. Our meetings are held on the third

Wednesday of the month at 7.30 in the staffroom. At 6.30 both the Education and Planning Committee and the Buildings and Grounds Committee meet in preparation for Council. School Council governance information is available on this link.


These are public documents and provide a range of information regarding council. If you have any questions you are welcome to give me a call or catch up with me at school.

In addition our School Council has taken up the option of having a Community Liaison member. Ours is Justine Jansz. If you don’t already know Justine but would like her to contact you just let the office know the right contact number and we will get her to give you a call. You can also contact Justine on the Flexibuzz app. Go to contact submit your message and in the drop down box go to ‘ Who is the message for?’ select Community Liaison Officer.

Sue Dean
Principal FGNPS


In 2014 Ferntree Gully North Primary School commemorated our 60th year of working with the Ferntree Gully community. The year was marked with a Part One celebration to farewell the original buildings before they were demolished and a Part Two to celebrate the new buildings once we had moved in. Memorabilia from the 60 years was retained and is now on display in the school to represent the achievements, time and contributions of different families and staff who have passed through the school.


In 2013 we began a complete rebuilding project funded by the Victorian State Government. This project, timed perfectly with the clear and contemporary identification of how we work with students, allowed us input in to the custom design of the rebuild project through selection and close work with both the architects (Brand Architects) and building company (WP Contractors). The end result, which we moved in to in the second half of 2014, and was officially opened in 2015, is a learning environment reflecting our community.