Congratulations to the students who received special recognition at Assembly last week and were presented with noteworthy awards.

 Alex Van Heeswyk received the Knox Council Dobson Award for her work in the community and school in helping to install the Nature Trail and her never ending work in our school grounds.

 Nick Wakeling presented the Endeavour Award (presented each year to a graduating Year 6 student) to Talia Ruighaver for her voluntary work with AMAZE to raise over $2000 for families of children with Autism. Nick usually presents this award at the Graduation Ceremony but will be attending his own son’s Graduation this year on the same night as ours.

 The school achievement award for the Premier’s Reading Challenge was presented to Lachlan MacTaggart, 1/2B for his attitude and effort in completing the Challenge.

Well done to all of these students for having their achievements publicly recognised at Assembly last week.