Send a Note for Absences

It is a legal responsibility for schools to keep track of student absences.  Please remember to send a note (either via Tiqbiz or hand written) prior to the absence (if planned) or upon the students return.  This will minimise the need for us to follow up with families.

School Start Time

A reminder that, in the same way as notes for absences, school officially starts at 9.00am, (doors open at the playing of the music over the loud speaker) and students are expected to be in class at this time ready for the attendance role to be taken.  After the role has been taken, students who arrive late are expected to sign in at the office so they are legally accounted for.  In the same way, if a student needs to leave early they are required to be signed out at the office and a slip presented to the classroom teacher before they will be released.


In line with our SunSmart policy students are required to wear a school hat through till April.  School hats are approved as providing adequate protection and are available through the office or at the Uniform Shop.  Students without a hat will be required to stay in the designated shaded area.

Hot Weather

There is not really any such thing as unusual weather I suppose anymore (as everything seems to be unusual) but with the intermittent hot spells we are experiencing at the moment, students are being encouraged to stay adequately hydrated during the school day.  This is easier if students have drink bottles that can be refilled throughout the day and kept with them in class.  If your child does not routinely bring one can you please make one available.

Attendance Awards

We will again be recognising students with the Principal’s Attendance Awards in 2017.  The success of this program has seen student attendance improve significantly over the last few years.  Attendance at school has a major impact both on continuity and re-enforcement of learning but also on the social connectedness students feel to their peers and teachers.  Students are publicly recognised on a termly basis for their attendance and punctuality and at the end of the year at a special breakfast if they have managed to have no more than four days absent and four late days for the year.

In many cases of course illness is unavoidable and students do need to stay away from school, but our targets for attendance are set high as aspirational targets recognising commitment and perseverance across the term and year.

Parking Reminder

As our school numbers grow, parking at school drop off and pickup time is becoming increasingly difficult. Knox Council and Boronia Police regularly patrol school zones to monitor parking restrictions and traffic safety and so you are reminded to park legally at all times and be conscious of the fact you are in a highly congested situation with many small children who have limited traffic awareness.  When parking in side streets, please be conscious of the residents who live there by not blocking their driveways or bins out for collection, or parking on their property.  Please do not use the staff carpark on Forest Road, the delivery bay off the drive way (near prep rooms) or the nature strip on Forest Road for any reason, including dropping off/picking up. Staff and deliveries come and go from these areas at any time during the day and it is unsafe for children and their families.

There is limited Disabled parking available on school grounds. Please contact the office to arrange the use of these  spaces.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 Assembly Times

For families new to our school, we have whole community Assemblies each Friday afternoon starting at about 2.55pm.  We aim to have these Assemblies as a celebration of the week and a coming together before the weekend.

Assemblies are an open event and we regularly have about 100 parents attend.  They are ideally held in the outdoor amphitheatre at the top gully outside the Red Specialist Building.  If it is too wet or too hot we move undercover to the Elli-Mata Centre.

Our new Preps will not attend Assembly for the next two weeks and they will receive an official welcome when they join us once they have got used to some of the school routines and are here all day long.


For families new to our school, newsletters are released on a Tuesday afternoon.  Limited paper copies are available from the Office for collection but the best way to receive the newsletter is via the Tiqbiz App on your computer or smartphone. A leaflet explaining how to get the App and sign up to our school mail boxes will be sent home to all families this week.  Come into the Office if you require any help.

School Banking

A reminder to all that school banking starts up again tomorrow. Our school banking is in partnership with the Boronia branch of the Bendigo bank.  If you would like to be part of School banking, please open an account at the Boronia branch and remember to bring in your banking each Wednesday.

No dogs on school premises

For the well being and safety of all in our community, dogs and pets are not allowed on school premises. This includes tying them up and leaving them unattended at the gate, or carrying them into the school.