Rotary Congratulations

Last Wednesday night the Year 6 staff with the support of the local Rotary Club held a ceremony to celebrate the achievements of students who had participated in and completed the Junior Rotary Community Initiative Program. This is a really valuable program for young people to be involved in which connects then to their community and requires them to develop independence and leadership skills. The completion of the program requires support and time dedication from their family. Thank you to the families who assisted their children to achieve this award and recognition. Children who participated were:


Jessica L, Caelan J-L, Max L, Jackson M, Chelsea H, Abbey H, Talia R, Alex P, Aleisha K, Holly C, Tiffany D, Charlie L, Madi H, Cameron S, Lachlan F, Mitchell D.


This program is part of the long list of things that our Year 5/6 teaching staff do to help mould our young people before we send them off in to the next stage of their life. Between camps, normal hiccups of pre-adolescent behaviour and development, a full scale major production, transition in to secondary school and graduation (just to name a few things) they have well and truly earned our thanks but also a few weeks off to spend with their families and recover.


On top of all these logistical tasks that they complete, they also manage the day to day teaching and learning that is expected of all of our students and the individualised relationships and programs that are essential to make the most of time spent at school.

Thank you on behalf of our school and community