On occasion I have parents enquire about ‘Safe Schools’. Below is an excerpt from the Department of Education and Training website to explain what Safe Schools is about. The Safe Schools group provides support for schools, usually secondary schools. Primary schools can access support for principals and teachers. If you would like more information go to the DET website via your search engine and search Safe Schools.

‘What is Safe Schools?

The Safe Schools program helps schools foster a safe environment that is supportive and inclusive of LGBTI students.

It recognises that creating a safe and inclusive environment is key to tackling bullying and harassment, and preventing suicide and self-harm.

All students should be safe from bullying and feel included at school. Students who don’t feel safe or included at school cannot learn effectively and reach their full potential.

Safe Schools is not a subject taught in the classroom and it is not a part of the curriculum.

It is a program for principals, teachers and school communities.

Schools have the discretion to use as many or as few of the resources, training materials, and other support that the program offers to help them deliver their commitment.

The Victorian Government has committed to expanding the program to all government secondary schools by the end of 2018. Non-government schools and primary schools can also access support from Safe Schools.’