The 2017 School Council met last Wednesday.  We would like to thank our retiring members.  These parents and staff have made valuable contributions over a number of years, some many years.  Their contributions to creating our fabulous community have been significant.  We would like to acknowledge Katherine Crennan,  Marita Knutsen, Linda Groom, Marty Kahsnitz, Deb Webster, Cory Pearce, Glenda Beard and Jo Stevens.  Special thanks must go to Meagan Baker who has served on School Council for 6 years, 4 as President.  This is a vital role that takes enormous commitment and Meagan has made an outstanding contribution to our school. We are very grateful for her contributions.


The 2017 School Council has the following members:

Parents                                                                                                                                Staff

Pearl McMaster, President                                                                          Sue Dean

Blair Odom, Vice President                                                                          Priscilla Salter

Danelle Shuttleworth, Secretary                                                                   Jess Cichowicz

Adam Swanwick, Treasurer                                                                         Marian Collins

Fiona Van Heeswyk                                                                                      Robyn Scanlon

Justine Jansz, Community Liaison Officer                                                      Bec Locking

Nat Harvey (co-opted member GNPA)


Last week I put out notification of two casual vacancies for parent positions on School Council.  These will be filled before the next meeting.