Our new school councillors are attending training tonight to provide more information as to their roles. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some information on these roles.  Our casual vacancies for 2017 have been filled by Gareth Whitten (year 1 Dad) and Nina Morris (prep and year 1 Mum).

The 2017 School Council has the following members:

Parents                                                                                                                                Staff

Pearl McMaster, President                                                                          Sue Dean

Blair Odom, Vice President                                                                          Priscilla Salter

Danelle Shuttleworth, Secretary                                                                  Jess Cichowicz

Adam Swanwick, Treasurer                                                                         Marian Collins

Fiona Van Heeswyk                                                                                     Robyn Scanlon

Nat Harvey (coopted member GNPA)

Gareth Whitten

Nina Morris