We are excited to announce we will be adding a sports uniform item ( sports top ) to our school uniform list for students in grades 3-6. Students will have the opportunity to wear the sports top twice a week. On their specialist day and the other, their level sports day. The top will be phased in over the next 24 months becoming a compulsory item thereafter. The sports top can be worn in summer with navy shorts / skort / skirt, and during winter with navy tracksuit pants / leggings.


The cost of the top will be $33.00 and order forms will come home very shortly. We would recommend when purchasing a top you look at sizing for two years. Sample tops to try on will be available at the office if you need to look at sizing. A sample sports top is currently on display at the office if you wanted to come and have a look.

I am also pleased to announce that after running a process with the students for the design at the back, the slogan ‘ GULLY NORTH ‘ was the overall winner and will be printed on the back. The idea has been welcomed by our students, staff and parents.