Staffing for 2017

This time of year can see some staff movement at all schools and this includes Ferntree Gully North. Donna Krenn has been successful in gaining an art position with some leadership opportunities at Selby Primary.  Donna has been a great contributor to our community and although she will be missed she is going on to a position where she will further develop her skills.

Bianca Davies will not be returning next year. Bianca will take this opportunity to expand on her teaching skills and learn how other schools operate.

Jacquie Hutchinson will be moving to James Cook PS. Jacqui has worked very hard at Ferntree Gully and has also contributed to our community extensively.  Jacqui has been travelling a considerable distance to work at the school she loves, but has decided to seek some new experience at a school closer to home.

Giulia Cuzzila is also moving on to Mt Evelyn PS. Mt Evelyn also has a Kathy Walker approach and Giulia has taken this opportunity to see how other schools operate.  She has only been here for a few months but has worked very hard to improve student skills in her classroom.

We wish all our staff good luck in their new positions and I admire their professionalism in seeking new experiences. It can be very challenging to leave a school that you have enjoyed so much but they will be able to experience many new educational settings.

Cory Pearce’s secondment is until the end of February so at this stage Priscilla Salter will remain in the office. She has done an amazing job and I know she will continue to support our students and their families. Julianne Wilson has also done a fantastic job in this area and she will return to the classroom full time next year.

We do of course have some new staff coming in. Robyn Scanlon is returning to Ferntree Gully North next year.  She brings extensive experience in a range of areas including ICT. Andrea McGrath and Louize Gonzales have been teaching prep at Straithaird and Old Orchard Primary Schools respectively. Lina Kabris has been working in the middle years (years 5, 6. 7)at Boronia K-12 and brings a range of experience using data to inform teaching.  I know everyone will join our staff in welcoming our new teachers.

Our classrooms for 2017 will include:

3 X Foundation (prep)

1 X Foundation/1

5 X 1/2

5 X 3/4

4 X 5/6.