Start of the Year Reminders

A couple of friendly reminders for the start of year for everyone to please be conscious/aware of:

• Send a Note for Absences

It is a legal responsibility for schools to keep track of student absences. Please remember to send a note (either via Tiqbiz or hand written) prior to the absence (if planned) or upon the students return. This will minimise the need for us to follow up with families.

• School Start Time

A reminder that, in the same way as notes for absences, school officially starts at 9.00am and students are expected to be in class at this time ready for the attendance role to be taken. After the role has been taken, students who arrive late are expected to sign in at the office so they are legally accounted for. In the same way, if a student needs to leave early they are required to be signed out at the office and a slip presented to the classroom teacher before they will be released.

• Hats

In line with our SunSmart policy students are required to wear a school hat through till April. School hats are approved as providing adequate protection and are available through the office or at the Uniform Shop. Students without a hat will be required to stay in the designated shaded area.

• Hot Weather

There is not really any such thing as unusual weather I suppose anymore (as everything seems to be unusual) but with the intermittent hot spells we are experiencing at the moment, students are being encouraged to stay adequately hydrated during the school day. This is easier if students have drink bottles that can be refilled throughout the day and kept with them in class. If your child does not routinely bring one can you please make one available.

• Attendance Awards

We will again be recognising students with the Principal’s Attendance Awards in 2016. The success of this program has seen student attendance improve significantly over the last few years. Attendance at school has a major impact both on continuity and re-enforcement of learning but also on the social connectedness students feel to their peers and teachers. Students are publicly recognised on a termly basis for perfect attendance and punctuality and at the end of the year at a special breakfast if they have managed to have no more than four days absent for the year.

In many cases of course illness is unavoidable and students do need to stay away from school, but our targets for attendance are set high as aspirational targets recognising commitment and perseverance across the term and year.

• Parent Contributions

At Ferntree Gully North we pride ourselves on being able to offer a world class education to our students based on both emerging technologies and interaction with experts who are recognised both nationally and internationally. In order for us to do this to the best of our ability we do rely on receiving Parent Contributions (often referred to as School Fees) which cover the cost of student consumables and other things which will be used by your children at school (paper, pencils, textas etc).

Please contact the office if you are having financial difficulties finalising these payments or to arrange a payment plan.

• Parking Reminder

As our school numbers grow, parking at school drop off and pickup time is becoming increasingly difficult. The Department of Education does not support parent cars on school premises so there have been no plans for a school drop off zone as part of the new building project. Knox Council and Boronia Police regularly patrol school zones to monitor parking restrictions and traffic safety and so you are reminded to park legally at all times and be conscious of the fact you are in a highly congested situation with many small children with limited traffic awareness. When parking in side streets, please be conscious of the residents who live there by not blocking their driveways or bins out for collection, or parking on their property.

Over the school holidays one of the flagged School Crossings has been relocated to increase safety for our students as they come to and leave school. Please pay attention to these new areas and make use of them when teaching your kids about traffic safety.