Strategic Review 2019

The Strategic Review is completed every four years to look at our achievements, areas for improvements and where we would like to be in four years. Our review will take place in term 3 and will involve staff, DET representatives and School Council representation. All community stakeholders need to be considered in the review. We have already been working with students and staff.

In order to allow for full consultation with parents and carers we will be running a series of experiences. Our first will be a parent pizza night on Wednesday 1st May (previously advertised for April 24th) at 6.30pm in the senior school. We invite you to come along and meet with our School Councillors to help us review and move forward. The evening will run for approximately an hour.

Our second opportunity will be at 2pm on Friday (before assembly) 3rd May. Parents/carers can come along and complete a questionnaire and speak to other parents before assembly. This will be in the staffroom with a cup of tea or coffee on hand.

There will also be a survey that parents/carers can complete at home. This will come out early in term 2.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support and we encourage you to participate in one review method. Please complete the tear off slip at the end of the newsletter for catering purposes. Please stay tuned to the newsletter and Compass for further information.