This year is our year for the Strategic Review.  This process happens every four years.  Schools review their progress and plan for the coming four years.  The School Council, students, parents and staff are involved in the process. We have already been working with students and we will be liaising with parents early in term 2.  The school will be writing a comprehensive pre-evaluation of our current position from all these inquiries. We are planning two opportunities to facilitate these inquiries. One is a curriculum day to work with staff on the first day of term 2, Tuesday 23rd of April. The School Council have approved this date. This will give parents an opportunity for families to have the old Easter Tuesday.  Please put this in your calendars now.  We will also be having an evening on Wednesday 24th April where parents will work with councillors to provide feedback around what we are doing well, what we might improve and where we are going in the future. Watch out for information coming in regards to this opportunity.