The connection between Reading and Writing is acknowledged and enhanced though our whole school Writing program, solidified through our 2014 involvement in a Department funded Continuous Improvement Network.

Guided exposure and examination of exemplar texts, as part of our Reading program, connects students to skills and strategies they then build in to their own Writing.

Punctuation is taught in a context of teaching students to control the way in which their writing is read by, for example, carefully considering where to place full stops and commas.

Choice of vocabulary and word use is considered in terms of what words can be used to ensure your message gets across clearly to the audience.

The 6+1 Traits of Writing provides a framework for our Writing Program. The framework is relevant to all ages and the targeting of what the focus for teaching is within this framework changes with the development of students and through individual conferencing, small group instruction and whole class modelled writing.

For more detailed information click here 6+1 Traits of Writing